Istoria FNK RM WKF

The National Karate-do Federation of the Republic of Moldova (WKF) was founded on May 17, 2007, having as members 1 Association (Shotokan Karate Association) and two clubs ("Samurai", "Ronin") and around 60 practinioners. The initiator of the NKF RM - Abalin Oleg, was elected at the same time President.  In July 2008 there were established the first relations with the World Karate Federation during the participation at the 1st World Cup&Camp in Evia island, Greece. Afterwards, the NKF RM has been invited to the World Karate Federation Congress in Tokyo, Japan, in order to receive provisional memebership status.

In November 2008, the delegation of NKF RM, composed out of 2 persons is participating for the first time at a World Karate Championship. NKF RM becomes the 178th member of the World Karate Federation. Ever since, Moldovian athletes are present at almost all official WKF and EKF events.

The year 2008 was also important as in Chisinau, the capital of RM, it is organised the first "The 7 Samurai Cup", a project intended to become international.  The first European Karate championships is in 2009 in Paris, France, where the Republic of Moldova  is represented by 5 athletes and  1 official. The same year is held the 2nd edition of "The & SAMURAI Cup" with 150 competitors.  By 2010, the National Karate Federation of the Republic of Moldova has already 8 member clubs and approximately 200 practitioners. After an year of construction works, in Moldova it is built the first Karate Dojo, where it eis located as well the office of NKF RM.  

It is organized the "Children Open" tournament, which is also the debut international event, as there are athletes from Ukraine competing.  In 2011, NKF RM organizes the 3rd edition of "The 7 Samurai Cup" who officialy becomes international. In 2012, the tournament reaches a higher level, by extending the number of organizational staff and the budget. Connections are established with several media agencies, private companies, national institutions, who are willing to contribute to the promotion and development  of karate in Moldova. 2012 is the year of NKF RM President elections. Abalin Oleg it is voted for another 5 year period. Along with that, a new version of NFK logo is adopted.

The “K is on the way” campaign is launched in Tenerife, Spain. The 21st World Senior Karate Championships in Paris is the mega event of the year. For the first time there are included new categories for persons with disabilities. Nicolai Bondarev has represented the country in the visual impaired category. The delegation consists of other 3 members. The trip was possible thanks to the World Karate Federation Program “Support for Disadvantaged NF”- financial support for active NF’s. 2013 – we are 500 practitioners supporting the “K is on the way” campaign.