Women*s Karate Festival

The National Karate-Do Federation of the Republic of Moldova organizes invites you at the festival dedicated to the International Women*s Day - Women*s Karate Festival. The event will take place on March 5, from 10 Am to 3 PM, in the sports hall of the University of Physical Educaton and Sports, located on 22, A.Doga str., Chisinau. 

The festival is a part of the program aimed to promote sport among women supported by the International Olympic Committee.

The motto of the festival - ”A strong woman is a protected woman” encourages all girls and women regardless of their age and abilities to practice martial arts, combating all forms of stereotypes, violence and discrimination against women in our society.

The event and is open for the public.

Partners of the event: DATSUN Auto, Dixi Auto, EUROSPORT, Foundation for Moldova-Japanese relations, Equilibra, ivatherm, Johnson"s Baby, numis med.