Seminar on Kumite with Andrey LAZARENCO

On the 9th of December 2017 the National Karate Federation of the Republic of Moldova (Headed by its President - Oleg ABALIN) organized the first stage of technical preparation of the sportsmen for their participation at European Champonship among Cadets, Juniors and sportsmen under 21, which will take place in Russia, February 2018. This seminar was conducted by Andrey LAZARENCO - an expirienced coach of both Natonal teams of Moldova and Ukraine. In the past event took part the following  sport organizations: SC "SAMURAI" (Oleg ABALIN), SC "RONIN" (Alexei CUSNERIOV), ASSOCIATION "SHOTOKAN WSKF", Balti (Ghenadie TARASINSCHI) and SC "LEADER", Cernauti (Alexandr PICULIN). During the event held all the sportsmen managed to have 10 bouts each. The evaluation of these bouts was done by 3 judges: Vladislav BULIGA, Nicolae CHISTRUGA and Andrey LAZARENCO and also by 3 trainees: Gavril SARI, Rodion ONCIULENCO and Andreea AXENTI. The second stage of the preparations is planed to be organized at the second semis of January 2018.