IOC Young Change-Makers

During 2016-2017, the National Karate-Do Federation of the Republic of Moldova became part of the Young Change-Makers + (YCM +) program, launched for the first time by the International Olympic Committee (CIO) and Panasonic.

This program was created for the Young Ambassadors of the Youth Olympic Games, a IOC initiative developed in collaboration with the National Olympic Committees since the first edition of the Singapore Summer Olympics 2010 Summer Olympics.

As Ana Maria STRATU was appointed Young Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, she was given the chance to apply with an initiative for the YCM + program. Following a professional sports career and a desire to promote female sport in the Republic of Moldova, FNK RM WKF Secretary General has applied for two consecutive projects jointly agreed with the the federation.

The first initiative was aimed at promoting karate sport among girls and people with disabilities, offering training and sports equipment for a group of 20 people for one year.

The second initiative involves the organization of the Women"s Karate Festival, a unique event. It offers the opportunity for girls, who practice Karate, to demonstrate their skills in a friendly, unprejudiced atmosphere. "Women"s Karate Festival" is being held with the occasion of the International Women"s Day, celebrated on March 8th. The festival took place in 2016 and 2017.

       Karate - both an individual and team sport                       Mother and daughter - coach and student

At the festival ”Bunkasai - the Spirit of Japan”

Getting ready for Women"s Karate Festival

 Distribution of the sports equipment 

 Seminar with one of the best internationally recognized female coaches Denis MOROZOV